Exclusive: Pictures of MB Secret Organization Founders in Prison


“Zat Masr” exclusively publishes pictures about the lives of members and founders of the secret organization of the Muslim Brotherhood (al-Nizam alkhass) in prison after their arrest in the late 1940s; on the background of carrying out various crimes and accusing them in some cases such as “the Jeep Car – Assassination of ex-prime minister Al Nokrashy Pasha – Dens case and the Assault on Parliament Speaker Hamid Gouda”.

Mahmoud Hatiba – arrested in 1949 within the Cairo Group



Ismail Al-Sayyid and Ahmed Alsubbaty, Cairo Special Apparatus, were arrested after confrontations with security forces.

Leaders of the special Apparatus (MostafaMashhour, Ahmed Hassanein, and Sayyid Fayez) after judgment in the Jeep car case.

Ismail Al-Sayyidand GalalYassin are sentenced to 15 years in prison, NajibJuifel, and Ali Siddiq involved in the attack on Hamid Gouda, Speaker of Parliament (1945-1949).

A group of young Muslim Brotherhood youth in prison accused in various cases.

Mahmoud Kamel – lawyer of Muslim Brotherhood – arranges his books in prison.

Leaders of the Special Apparatus – Mahmoud Al-Sabbagh, Qadri Al-Harti, Sayyid Fayez, Ahmed Hassanein and Mustafa Mashhour – who are accused of the assassination of Prime Minister Mahmoud Fahmy Al-Noqrashi (December 1948).

Ahmed Al-Busaty stands behind Abdel Fattah Shawky and one of the MB members accused in the “Dens” case of collecting weapons in MB headquarters to overthrow the regime.

Ali Sadiq and Najib Juifel, involved in the attack on Hamed Gouda, Speaker of Parliament (1945-1949), with Lotfi Fathallah, Fathi Al-Booz and Sayyid Badr.

Essam Alsherbiny and Taha Abdelnaby – accused in the “Dens” case of collecting weapons in MB headquarters to overthrow the regime

Jamal Al-Shafi’i and Wael Shaheen – accused in the “Dens” case – reciting the Quran in the cell.

Muhammad Malik – Called “the Leader”, a 50,000-pound reward was allocated for seizing him in 1949. He was sentenced to death before the death penalty being reduced to life imprisonment.

Mahmoud Al-Sabbagh, Mustafa Mashhour, and Qadri Al-Harti, after they were sentenced to life imprisonment; and with them a high school student who was sentenced to 10 years.

Najib Juifel sentenced to life imprisonment, Sayyid Badr sentenced to 10 years, and “Fathi Al-Booz and Mahmoud Hutaiba” were on trial.

A student of the Faculty of Theology (Usul Aldeen), who was able to smuggle Hassan al-Banna’s image and put it in prison.

Mahmoud al-Sabbagh, a leader of the Special Apparatus after being sentenced to life imprisonment.

Ahmad Al-Bussaty – accused in the “Dens” case of collecting weapons to overthrow the regime – died of drowning after getting out of prison.

The night of the arrest of Muhammad Malik in Alexandria – a 50,000 pounds reward was allocated for his arrest.

45 defendants are awaiting release for their participation in a guerrilla war in Suez.

Hassan Al-Banna’s father walking at his funeral, his son Abdul Rahman Al-Banna next to him – February 1949

Transferring two defendants from the Muslim Brotherhood, escorted by 150 soldiers, traffic stops.

Mustafa Mashhour was sentenced to life imprisonment with hard labor before becoming a supreme guide for the Muslim Brotherhood

Ismail al-Sayyid and Sayyid Jabr were released after they had been accused of establishing a secret radio.

Ahmed Al-Subbaty, Qadri Al-Harti and Ismaiel Al-Sayyid after the cancellation of their life imprisonment.

Najib Juifel sentenced to life imprisonment. Abdulaziz Al-Ali Muhammad Next to him

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